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The KING365 TV FULL HD IPTV subscription is an application that allows access to IPTV and VOD (series and films) and replay replay and all that with EPG Integrated TV program, it is also possible to create Favorites. King365tv has a very good reputation among IPTV subscriptions available in France, it is distinguished by its content which is diversified and rich and also by its impeccable stability. The king365 tv subscription has around 30,000 TV and VOD channels (movies and series). It has practically all the Maghreb channels (Algeria – Morocco – Tunisia) and about 210 French channels in Fhd / 4K / UHD, hd or sd quality. The French channels on king tv are available in Back-up, that is to say that if there is ever a problem with source 1 of each channel. A source 2 takes over. The VOD for the most part is in full hd and in multilingual. King 365 TV application for android or ios is an application that works and is compatible with all VPNs available in the market. It works anywhere in the world and on all devices available in the market.
The IPTV King 365 TV subscription is largely intended for customers in France and the Greater Maghreb. It is compatible with different supports: Smart TV from Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, philipps or other through the application SMART IPTV, NET IPTV, SET IPTV, Nanomid or IPTV Smarters player, Box Android, GSE iptv, MAG device , device formulate z7/z8 or other with its famous application MY TV ONLINE 1 AND 2. Smartphone, tablet, pc (Android and Apple) king365tv application, IPTV Smarters pro application, VLC and Kodi, ss iptv and more.
The king365 apk application allows you to continue the movie or episode of a series where you previously stopped even if you turn off the TV, in other words the application will remember where you stopped to watch.
TV SCHEDULE: EPG: Our Electronic Program Guide tells you how long a show will last, next steps and descriptions. The XML link is available if you want to install it on another application of your choice.
VPN: Compatible with private network connections from all VPN services.
Replay – TimeShift – replay: Program control, you can pause the channel, then resume the stream, rewind or advance the program.
Language: it is possible to change the language of the film, display subtitles and this for most films
Zapping: Ultra fast.
Function available: Favorites, Languages, Search, Install EPG, Display expiry date, Date and time, Record program, Stream format, Parental control, Player settings, Player selection, Add external player, Test internet speed and Moreover.
Delivery: Fast in less than an hour.
Technical Support: Available 365 days.

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